Ginger Snap Crafts: 2x4 black cats {tutorial}

2x4 black cats {tutorial}

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Good morning! Halloween is a little more than a week away! Eek! This year is flying by! Before Halloween gets here I wanted to share this cute 2x4 Black Cat tutorial with you! I love easy crafts especially when the holidays start sneaking up on me! ha! ;)

You'll need a few supplies:
2x4 board
googly eyes
pink felt
vinyl whiskers (optional)
white paint pen
white paint
black paint
paint brushes
sand paper

For the 2x4s, I had my hubby cut them into 6 inch, 7 inch & 8 inch blocks. Then he notched the tops to make the cat ears.

Then you'll paint your wood blocks black.

After the paint dried, I distress my blocks a little bit with the sandpaper. Now it's time for the face!

I hot glued on the eyes and then I applied vinyl whiskers. You could also draw those on with a paint pen, if you'd like!

Then I cut a small pink triangle out of felt for the nose, and I tied a cute ribbon around the middle.

I used a white paint pen to make the mouth. All done! :) Aren't they cute?

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Hope you have a fabulous Monday! Or should I say fa-boo-lous! ;)
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