Ginger Snap Crafts: Super Hero Sock Puppies Inspired by Disney’s Super Buddies {tutorial}

27 August 2013

Super Hero Sock Puppies Inspired by Disney’s Super Buddies {tutorial}

This post is brought to you by Disney. #ad #superbuddies

Sometimes my kiddos think this blogging gig is pretty dog-gone cool! ha! Especially when it involves them! Recently our family got a sneak peek at the brand new movie, Disney Super Buddies! Eek! So exciting! My kiddos have really enjoyed all the movies in this series, & this one did not disappoint! It has quickly become one of their favorites, and we have watched it again & again! We liked it so much that we were inspired to make some Super Hero sock puppies to go along with the movie! Keep reading to see how we did that and to find out when you’ll be able to see the new Disney Super Buddies movie, too! Yay! :)

Super Hero Sock Puppies inspired by Disney's Super Buddies

Before we get started on the Super Hero sock puppies tutorial just wanted to let you know first that the new Disney Super Buddies movie will be available in a Blu-ray DVD combo pack on August 27th ~ today! Yes, get excited! Wahoo! Get ready for an epic tail from the creators of Disney Buddies! This is the perfect family movie filled with lots of good humor & lots of family appeal! This is definitely a movie that the whole family will enjoy watching together! :)

Disney Super Buddies

Ok…are you ready for a fun & easy Super Hero sock puppies tutorial? My kiddos had a blast working on these, and they had just as much fun playing with them later on. OK, let’s get started! :)

You’ll need: socks, felt, hot glue gun*, wiggly eyes, ribbon & scissors

*Remember safety first. An adult should handle the glue gun! :)


First I cut out some eyes, noses & tongues for our puppies. My kids had fun picking out the colors, telling me if they wanted short or long ears & trying to decide between a pink or red tongue! ha! Decisions! Decisions! ;)

dog sock puppets

Then they told me where they wanted everything, & then we glued everything into place. So cute!

puppy sock puppet for Super Buddies

Of course, they would be quite as super looking without super capes! Although, we did learn in the movie that you don’t have to have super powers to be Super Hero! ;)

super hero cape for sock puppet

To make the capes we just trimmed a piece of felt & hot glued a ribbon across the top. Then we tied it around our Super Hero sock puppies.

super buddies puppets

Then we headed outside to have a little Super Hero fun! My kiddos loved flying them around in the grass! They ran & ran & ran….or should I say flew? ha! ;)

kid craft

They enjoyed pretending that they were the Super Buddies! #superbuddies

super buddies pretend play

Have you ever been inspired by a movie? Which movies are your kiddos’ favorites? Have you seen any of the Disney Buddies movies? Which Buddy can you most relate to? ;)

Super Hero Sock Puppies inspired by Disney's Super Buddies

Remember the Disney Super Buddies Blu-ray DVD combo pack is available TODAY!
For a fun Disney Super Buddies activity sheet for the kiddos click here.



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