Ginger Snap Crafts: College Survival Kit ~ Easy Graduation Gift Idea {tutorial} #ShutterflyGrad

College Survival Kit ~ Easy Graduation Gift Idea {tutorial} #ShutterflyGrad

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Hello! Graduation season is just about here! Eek! This year has flown by! I have one nephew graduating from high school this year, & next year my son will be graduating from high school! Let’s not talk about that though! ha! ;) A few weeks ago I was given the opportunity to check out some of Shutterfly’s graduation announcements. Graduation announcements have come a long way since I was in school, and everyone had the exact same invitations. ;) I love the personalized graduation invitations you can create with Shutterfly! You can have scalloped trim, foil stamped dates & so many more options. I loved the card designs so much that I was inspired to make this Easy Graduation Gift Idea for my nephew. So keep reading to see how I made it (& what’s inside!), & I also have some fun Shutterfly graduation invites to show you! So let’s get started! :)

Easy Graduation Gift Idea at

The color & design of my graduation gift was definitely inspired by these cards from Shutterfly! I loves the stripes, foil & contemporary look to these cards. So let’s take a peek!

Shutterfly Graduation Cards & Gift Ideas

Shutterfly has so many card sizes to choose from! The ones I had were 5x7, but you can also get cards sized 6x8, 4x8, 5x5 & 4x5. I think the square ones would be too cute! You also have 3 choices of formats: flat, ¾ fold & tri-fold.

grad cards

You also have so many trim options. You get your cards in square, rounded, bracket, ticket & scallop. I love the scalloped!

graduation cards with Shutterfly
Each card is designed front & back with words, designs & pictures. You can even import  your grad’s Instagram pictures! Isn’t that awesome? ;)

graduation cards from Shutterfly
What really caught my eye was the foil stamped designs. I love something that’s a little sparkly & glittery! I tried to feature this design aspect in my graduation gift that I will be sharing in just a bit.

grad cards from Shutterfly
With these graduation card you can also design with your own custom color palette. So your grad can design their invites with their school colors or even their favorite color combinations.

graduation invitations

Now let me show you how I made this easy graduation gift.

graduation gift in a can

You’ll need a few supplies:
empty paint can*
patterned cardstock (2 pieces)
white cardstock
black cardstock
glitter cardstock
paper trimmer
spray adhesive
X-ACTO knife
cutting mat
this printable

*You can buy empty paint cans at your local home improvement store in the paint department. I bought mine for $5!

graduation gift supplies

First, you’ll need to trim you scrapbook paper the same height as your paint can with a paper trimmer. You’ll need 2 pieces of the same scrapbook paper to fit all the way around your can.

grad gift

I cut a notch in the scrapbook paper with an X-ACTO knife & a cutting mat to fit around the paint can handle.

grad gift easy to make

Then using the spray adhesive adhere your scrapbook paper to your can.

how to reuse a paint can

Then repeat those steps to cover the other side of your can.

covering a paint can with scrapbook paper

Next I covered the top of my can with scrapbook paper cut in circles, & then I added the “college survival kit” label. You can print the same label out right {HERE}. You can also right click & save the image below & size as needed.

College Survival Kit

grad can

Next I filled the can with some fun (& practical!) things for my nephew to take with him to college. :)

grad gift ideas

Some things to include: gift cards, money, pencils, pens, post-it notes, alarm clock, lotion, shampoo, detergent, tissue, treats, candy, quarters, laundry bag, gel, chap stick, gum, breath mints, toothbrush, batteries, book, pop tarts, sunscreen, journal, sewing kit, vitamins, ear buds, chargers, card games, 3M hooks, stamps, stationary

grad gift in a can

Put your lid back on & tap it into place to seal.

grad can

Annnd now your gift is ready to give to your favorite grad! :)

grad gift with a paint can

Don’t forget Shutterfly is your one stop place to design the perfect graduation card for your grad! You can design one just a unique & amazing as them. :) #ShutterflyGrad

Shutterfly Graduation Cards & Gift Ideasclass of 2015graduation invitations Shutterfly

What would you put inside a college survival kit?
I’d love to hear! Leave a comment below. :)

grad gift ideas college survival kit
Easy Graduation Gift Idea at
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  1. I love this idea...what a great gift for any grad who's headed off to college! I always like giving practical, useful things! Love those gorgeous announcements too...where were those when I graduated!?

  2. ADORABLE idea! I would have loved this as a grad -- especially the little Tide packets - so handy!

  3. How cute! Will have to remember to do this for my niece!

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