Ginger Snap Crafts: Try Sam’s Wholesale Club with a Friend #TrySamsClub

Try Sam’s Wholesale Club with a Friend #TrySamsClub

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and Sam’s Club. All opinions are mine alone. #TrySamsClub #CollectiveBias

Hello! Who has a Sam’s Club membership? Raise your hand! ha! ;) I have had mine for several years, & I love going to Sam’s Club for all sorts of things. Usually I go shopping for food. Remember I have 5 kiddos! They eat a lot! ha! Buuuuut did you know that Sam’s Club has everything you need for your next party, lots of pretty flowers, tons of home decor, a great furniture selection (yes!), everything you need for your home plus so much more! Last week my friend, Robyn (from Create It. Go!) & I went on a fun shopping trip to Sam’s Club! Wahoo! Girl time! ;) I wanted to show Robyn how great having a Sam’s Club membership is! We had a blast browsing the aisles of Sam’s Club checking out everything! Yes, I mean everything! We ended up filling up TWO carts! ha! So keep reading to see what we picked out. :)
Try Sam's Club with a Friend #trySamsClub #cbias #shop

home decor at Sam's Club

Robyn & I have been friends for a long time! She’s amazing! Plus I think she is even more crafty than me! ha! So needless to say we get along great! So we headed into the store to browse. We were drawn to all the home decor at Sam’s Club. Robyn’s family recently moved here, & I’m still trying to get our brand new sunroom decorated. Plus if you know both of us ~ we love to change our decor all the time! ha! So we headed over to check out all of the fun home decorating items!

furniture at Sam's Club

I love the couch (above)! I’ve love chaise loungers. #socomfy Annnnnd check out that table & chairs! I love the chunky legs on the table (below). It makes me wish we had added a dining room onto our house instead. ;)

dining room furniture at Sam's Club

If you have ever bought art for your home, then you know a HUGE canvas print for under $50 is an awesome price! These would look amazing above a fireplace or in a living room.

art at Sam's Club

I seriously want that buffet (below)! My birthday is coming up! ha! Maybe I should send a link to this post to my hubby! ha! ;) (Remember when you get a Sam’s Club membership you get TWO cards. So that makes birthday shopping really easy for your husband!) :)

furniture at Sam's

I have a HUGE thing for rugs! I think I get that from my mom! She has rugs all over the place at her house. Rugs can make a hug impact in a room, they are easy to switch out & they are super comfy for your feet. ;) We loved the rug selection at Sam’s Wholesale. I didn’t take a picture of it (boo!), but they had this shaggy neutral colored rug for $99. I wanted it! I might go back, & it get later. It would be perfect for our front room.

living room rugs at Sam's Club

I loved these kid room rugs! I almost snagged on of the pink flowers ones but then I remembered that my 13 year old daughter said she didn’t want any more flowers in her room. ha! I feel a teenage inspired room makeover coming soon!

rugs at Sam's Club

I have always, always wanted a playroom at our house. My kiddos are getting bigger now. So maybe I’ll have one for the grandkids one day. #letsnogothere ha! Anyways, wouldn’t these little chairs & table be perfect for a playroom? The table adjust up & down, too. That is awesome. :) My youngest has a small table in his room, & these cute chairs are the perfect size & color! I’ll take one of each! ha! ;)

take a friend to Sam's Club

So after browsing for a good hour or so this is what our shopping carts looked like! They are totally full! We each bought a set of storage canvas baskets. Robyn bought the khaki & beige set, & I bought the black & grey set. I’m going to use mine in the laundry room for shoes & one in the bathroom for towels. (I’ll have my laundry room makeover on the blog soon!) They also had great prices on some stainless steel trash cans (under $30!!). We couldn’t pass up that deal. So we each got one of those. A nice fancy trash can is home decor, right? ;) I also got a set of colorful bowls for my kitchen. They will be the perfect pop of color! Then we headed for the check out!

two carts from Sam's Club

Of course, we had to the obligatory #selfie on the way out of the store! ha! ;) #TrySamsClub

me & Robyn

Ummmmm…..I don’t think that we are going to be able to close that! ha! ;)

I filled the trunk at Sam's Club!

You can keep in touch with Sam’s Wholesale Club on twitter, facebook, instagram, pinterest & google+. Make sure you tag them @SamsClub they may respond to you! ;) You can find out more about Sam's Club Membership right {HERE}. If you haven’t renewed your membership get on that! What are you waiting for? ;) If you have a friend take them with you on your next shopping trip! It will be fun! I promise! ;) Annnd don’t forget all the holidays are coming up, & Sam’s Club has got your covered!

Try Sam's Club with a Friend #trySamsClub #cbias #shop

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What are your favorite things to buy at Sam’s?
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  1. I love SAM's! I do the majority of my grocery and household shopping there, and I have noticed their home decor recently. I saw that same furniture last week and thought it was really great for the price! I only wish they had a better selection of organic food. If they stepped up their game in that department, I might be the world's biggest fan.

    1. Their furniture selection is great! :) I agree organic stuff is hard to find!

  2. Wow, that table looks amazing! I'm already trying to re-arrange my furniture in my head to figure out how to make that happen. Thanks for sharing! #client

    1. That table is awesome! Thanks for stopping by, David. :)

  3. I love Sam's!! How much were those storage bins set?

    1. They were $29.95 for a set of 3. They are awesome & really sturdy. I love them. :)

  4. I have a Sam's Club membership! I just renewed for another year within the last 2 weeks. My husband needed a new office chair and he needed a "big and tall" office chair and after looking everywhere, he saw online that Sam's Club had a great price for one (only available in stores). We headed over that night and picked it up and he LOVES it....the price was awesome too. Your shopping trip looks like a lot of fun...makes me want to go shopping! #client

  5. Looks like you had a great time shopping with your friend at Sam's Club! I love shopping at Sam's Club and the way the store is laid out makes it super easy to shop. I love going shopping with friends too. It's amazing the things you find when you shopping with a friend. #client


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