Ginger Snap Crafts: Easy Stenciling Technique {tutorial} #ad #DecoArt

Easy Stenciling Technique {tutorial} #ad #DecoArt

#ad This post is brought to you by DecoArt. I am thrilled to be working with DecoArt to bring you some fun projects using fabulous DecoArt products. :)

Today I’d love to show you this easy stenciling technique tutorial that is by far my favorite way to stencil. All you need is a few products from DecoArt, some vinyl lettering & a wood surface.  Keep reading, & I’ll show you how I did it.

easy stenciling technique tutorial at

Just look at how clear & crisp those letters are! Annnnd it’s all paint!!!

stenciling with DecoArt #decoart

For this project you’ll need:

  • vinyl lettering (I got this Be the Good vinyl quote from Create It. Go!)
  • wood plaque
  • Americana Paint from DecoArt
  • Americana Decoupage from DecoArt
  • foam brushes
americana paint 
Don’t mind the red paint, I switched out to white for this project. ;) I wanted the quote to be two different colors. So this is how I did it. Kind of crazy. ha! Buuuut it worked! ;) First I cut the quote into two pieces.

stenciling with vinyl

Then I traced a line between where each piece of vinyl would go to show where I should paint each color.


Then I painted my board the two different colors using the Americana Paint. After the paint had dried, I applied my vinyl lettering.


Then I got some Americana Decoupage & a foam brush.


I painted over my vinyl lettering with the Decoupage. Now this is the secret that makes this stenciling technique soooo awesome! After the Decoupage dries it seals the edges of the vinyl lettering & prevents the paint (that we will paint on top in just a bit) from seeping underneath!

stenciling with decoupage

Once the Decoupage is dry, you’ll paint over the vinyl lettering. The trick to this is to paint several THIN coats. You don’t want your paint to go on thick. Make sure you do thin coats even if it takes a few more coats than normal to get the full coverage! I promise it will be worth it. :)

stenciling with decoart

After the paint is dried you’ll carefully lift off your vinyl lettering. I usually just use a stick pin to carefully grab the edge of the vinyl lettering. That makes it pretty easy to get off.


Look at how crisp & clean those edges are! Wow! :)

stenciling with vinyl paint

This is definitely my go to stenciling technique, and I LOVE the results that I can get with it!


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This post was brought to you by DecoArt. I was compensated for my time & given product to finish this project. As always all opinions are my own. Thanks!
This project & post were created for Ginger Snap Crafts by Ginger Bowie.


  1. Love the colors you chose. I have used vinyl as a stencil a lot before, but not with the decoupage. Thanks for the tip! And thanks for the link to my shop. ;)

  2. This turned out great! Love the colors and it looks super easy too!

  3. This is an awesome tutorial. Pinned! I love the Mod Podge recommendation.

    A Tossed Salad Life

  4. I love this quote, and this looks so cute! I am delighted to see my blog link on your sidebar--thanks for the love!

  5. That is such a fun print!!! I love the colors that you used!

  6. So cute, Ginger!! Loving these colors, too!

  7. I'm going to have to try that trick, Ginger! Thanks for sharing!

    xoxo Liz

  8. The best part is how crisp the letters turned out! Awesome!

  9. Super cute sign! I really need to try this technique!

  10. Nice Work! Your new sign look amazing. ;o)


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