Ginger Snap Crafts: family question jar {tutorial}

family question jar {tutorial}

Today I'd love to show you a fun idea to use with your family.
Family dinner time is so important for our family.
To make it a little more fun we made our own "Question Jar". :)
{I originally shared this idea over at Raising Memories a few months ago.}
Our jar is full of questions.
How it works is that at dinner time we
each take turns picking out a piece of paper.
Then we’ll take turns answering the questions.
It's such a fun way to learn more about each other!

I originally made one of these for one of my Church's Relief Society activities
many years ago.  When I wanted to make another one I did a quick search online
& found this one with tons of questions.{You can check out their website HERE.}

Making our jar was pretty simple.  I found this large jar at Walmart.
Then I added a big blue question mark with vinyl to make it fun. :)

Then I printed out the questions from {HERE}.

I cut them into strips.

Annnd then put them in the jar.

We love doing this as a family! :)
What are some fun family things that you do?
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  1. We did something like this for Thanksgiving last year and it was such a great success! I would recommend guest questions at dinners. I printed these off right away, I'm so excited to start this tonight!!

  2. Can anyone share these questions? The link to the questions doesn't work anymore.

  3. Please share the questions. Thanks so much!

  4. Please share the questions. Thanks so much!

    1. I've updated the post with this new link with tons of great questions. :)


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