Ginger Snap Crafts: {light bulb} snowman ornament {tutorial} & handmade Christmas ornament link up

{light bulb} snowman ornament {tutorial} & handmade Christmas ornament link up

{light bulb} snowman ornament from

Today I am excited to be kicking off a brand new series all about handmade Christmas ornaments!  In a few weeks I’ll be headed home for Christmas, & I love seeing my parent’s Christmas tree.  It is filled with tons of handmade ornaments made by their children & grandchildren over the years.  I love all the memories & stories that go along with each ornament. One day I want a tree just as full with all those special kind of ornaments. We are definitely working on it over here!  My kiddos have been busy ornament makers over the years!

Over the next few weeks I’ll be sharing some easy handmade ornament ideas with you.  I also want you to share your handmade ornaments!  At the bottom of this post is a link up just for handmade ornaments.  Please link yours up, & I plan on doing several handmade ornament feature post throughout December featuring many of YOU!

This morning I’m sharing my first handmade ornament tutorial ~ a {light bulb} snowman ornament.  We made tons of these several years ago, & they were a hit!  You probably have everything you need to make these already, too. ;)

{light bulb} snowman ornament

For this project you’ll need:
light bulb, fabric strip, cotton ball, ribbon,
buttons, black paint marker, hot glue gun,
metal hook, orange cardstock, twine or thin ribbon

ornament tutorial

Here’s how you’ll assemble your snowman ornament:

one~ You’ll get your fabric strip (about 2 inch X 4inches long) & iron the edge up.
two~ You’ll hot glue the fabric {folded side down) around the silver part of your light bulb.
three~ Put a cotton ball inside your material.
four~ Tie the top of your “hat” with a piece of twine. Fray the edges with scissors.
five~ Tie a ribbon around the skinny part of the light bulb to make a scarf. Glue in place with just a dot of the hot glue.
six~ Draw on eyes & a mouth with the black paint marker & then glue on a orange cardstock nose.

light bulb snowman ornament

Isn’t he cute? Add a hook to the top & he’s ready to hang on the tree!

OK…now I want to see your handmade ornaments!
Grab a button, link up, visit others & most of all have fun!
Can’t wait to see your handmade Christmas ornaments!

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  1. Oh my gosh....can that snowman BE any more adorable? (Yes, I went all Friends on you :):)

  2. Hi Ginger! How adorable. These are as cute as can be!

  3. I love this snowman ornament. I had previously shared it on my facebook page! This tutorial is amazing! I'm hosting a homemade holiday party with prizes and this project would be a great one to link up. I'd love for you to stop by.

    Have a wonderful day!

    PS I'm linking up a couple of ornament ideas here too!

  4. Just gave this a shout out!

  5. Waaay too cute Ginger!

  6. That is a seriously cute snowman! Thanks for the link party!

  7. I did get around to making one of these adorable snowmen. Shared it and your link on my blog.

  8. What a super cute snowman! Thanks for a fun link party too!

  9. i love these!! I think these will need to go on next Christmas's to do list :)

  10. How do you hang him? He is just adorable..Wished I would of seen him sooner I would of made some for the teachers. Definitely bookmarking this page.

  11. Hi.
    This is adorable. Would you mind if I used this tutorial in my craft book?
    Thank you for reading and have a very merry Christmas.

    1. Thank you! If you use your own pictures that would be fine. I'd love to see how your's turn out. :)

  12. This is diy tutorial so cute and easy to handle. Thanks for share.

    1. Lamp decoration ideas are very beautiful and impressive.

      happy wheels


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