Ginger Snap Crafts: Eva @ Tales of the Scotts {Christmas Break Guest}

Eva @ Tales of the Scotts {Christmas Break Guest}

Hi everyone!  I'm Eva and I blog over at Tales of the Scotts.  I'm a stay-at-home momma to two little people that keep me on my toes.  Much to my patient husband's chagrin, my dining room table is always full of  little "projects" I have going on.

I'm really happy to be here on Ginger Snap Crafts and am excited to share with you my favorite projects over the past couple of years.


By far, my most pinned project is my Pumpkin Snowman.  This was a super easy and kid-friendly project.  Maybe you still have your leftover pumpkin?

My most viewed post was my Naptime Activity Sticks.  These came in handy when I had my second baby and all my son wanted to do was play the drums while she was napping.  ;-)

I love doing freezer stenciling projects.  I'm amazed at how many people have either never tried it or never heard of it.  One of my favorites was my I Love My Husband t-shirt

One of my favorite DIY things to do is make wreaths.  I've made lots over the years.  My most recent was my Pumpkin Wreath.  No hot glue required.  

I love, love, love garland and banners.  My husband asked how many more I was going to put up in the house.  Seriously?  :-)  I love my Christmas garland, including my Glitter Deer Canvas.

I hope to see all of you over at Tales of the ScottsThanks again for having me Ginger! 

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Thank you so much, Eva!
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