Ginger Snap Crafts: A Daisy Christmas {Daisy Red Ryder BB Gun} giveaway #bb4me #CBias

A Daisy Christmas {Daisy Red Ryder BB Gun} giveaway #bb4me #CBias

Daisy BB Gun giveaway

You may be surprised to see a Daisy BB Gun on my blog!  As one of six girls growing up we didn’t do a lot of hunting or fishing or BB Gun shooting around our house.  My poor brother had to resort to pulling the heads off our Barbie dolls as entertainment. (That’s a true story!) Poor guy & our poor dolls! 

Buuuut if you know my husband it makes perfect sense!  He is an avid outdoorsman.  Hunting, fishing, camping….if it’s outside he is so there!  He is the total opposite of me!  Growing up he had BB guns among other outdoor family activities to keep him busy & out of trouble!

On the other hand the only experience I had growing up with BB Guns was from watching A Christmas Story.  Remember that movie??  “You’ll shoot your eyeball out!”


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So when my hubby brought up getting our 11 year old daughter a BB Gun for Christmas I wasn’t too sure about that!  Buuut he convinced me that there is a proper & safe way to handle a BB Gun, and if you follow the safety guidelines, no one is going to shoot their eyeball out. {You can find the 10 shooting safety rules on the Daisy Outdoor Products website.} Here’s a bonus safety tip for me. ;) Everyone should wear safety glasses when BB shooting not just the shooter. My boys went through the Cub Scout program, and during Summer Day Camp they both earned their BB Gun Belt Loop. I was helping out one day during the BB Gun shooting. They had everyone including parents & leaders wearing safety glasses. One of the BBs actually hit my safety glasses! I am so glad I had them on. Gun safety is always first and wearing your safety glasses is a must!


This is my daughter, Cailey.  She is a girly girl most of the time, but this hunting season she has been her dad’s sidekick!  They are trying to get a big buck off our property but no luck so far. She is going to be so surprised to find a BB Gun under the tree.  Really is there any more of an iconic Christmas gift than a Daisy Red Ryder BB Gun? So my hubby headed off to his favorite store, Cabela’s to do a little Christmas shopping.  {You can check out his entire shopping trip over on google+.}


He came home with a Pink Carbine Model 1998 Daisy BB Gun! I didn’t even know they made pink BB Guns!  My girly outdoor girl is going to LOVE this! :) He also picked up some extra BBs, safety glasses & some targets.  She is all set! 


I wrapped up the Daisy BB Gun & hid it up in the attic with all the other Christmas goodies. Shhhhhh!!! ;)

Christmas present

Now I’d like to help YOU with your holiday gifting!  Do you have a boy or girl {age 10 years & up} who would love their own Daisy BB Gun, too? #bb4me

Up for grabs today is a Daisy Prize Pack that includes either a Daisy Red Ryder or Pink Carbine Model 1988 BB Gun (your choice), BBs and safety glasses.  Enter in the form below!  Winner will be chosen on Monday & contacted by email.  Good luck!

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  1. AVANTI Gold Medalist Model 887 is going on my list to Santa!

  2. My boys are wanting bb guns for Christmas, so that would be at the top of my list right now. :)

  3. I follow your blog in GFC as Mami2jcn but I entered on the rafflecopter as Mary Happymommy. I like the Mossy Oak Grizzly Model 840 with Scope.

  4. She'll have fun with it, I love the pink.


  5. My favorite is the slingshots. I had one when I was a kid (oh so long ago!)

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. What a cool giveaway, thanks! I like the Red Ryder model 1938!

  8. I liked the pink rimmed safety glasses.

  9. when my children were growing up I didn't want them playing with guns. They are in their 30's now. I was really against it. My husband was a hunter and he thought they should. They did play cowboys and Indians....remember it was 30 years ago.
    Our one son now is a agent for ATF. I would never have guessed that would happen.

  10. Love, Love, Love it!!!! :)

  11. Honestly, any of the products, but the one you featured is great. My son is soooo hoping I win!!!

  12. I like this model...Mossy Oak Grizzly Model 840 with Scope. A scope, on a bb gun...awesome!
    hgrossman at cableone dot net

  13. GFC agatewood1 and my son would like the PowerLine P15 Slingshot Kit Model 8153
    as well! Thanks :)

  14. I think I like the simple Buck rifle. Great for learning how to shoot. I had a Daisy BB gun growing up. A couple actually and I loved them. Nothing better than shooting some tin cans in the backyard. :)

    gmbergemann at gmail dot com

  15. I love this giveaway! Thank you so much for offering such a fun prize. As for my favorite item... the Red Ryder Model 1938 Fun Kit. :)


  16. Is it bad that I kinda want the pink one for myself?

  17. Oh boy! My son caught a glimpse of this post and is now drooling over the Black Grizzly Model 840 Kit. :) Thanks for the chance to win it for him. Scary for momma, a dream for a 10 yr old boy. Hehehee.

  18. My husband would love anything on their site.

  19. Oh, My daughter would love to have her own little gun! To totally have the huntin' looks she would need the Red Ryder Gun Sleeve Accessory! Super Cool. Thanks!!

  20. I just had to comment today... I love my pink bb gun!! I also have pink hard cover ear muffs and pink rimmed protective eyeware! If you daughter wants to continue hunting with her dad, get her some pink camo. They are really cool looking. I can't bring myself to start hunting with my husband, so I can't justify buying the pink camo, but one of my girlfriends hunts and has a set. She looks so awesome! Your daughter will love this gift. Thanks for sharing.

  21. Mossy Oak Grizzly Model 840 with Scope

  22. I had a Daisy bb gun as a girl. wish they would have had the pink color then. My oldest would love it!!

  23. The pink is so cute, she's gonna love it!


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