Ginger Snap Crafts: how to make a water blob {tutorial}

how to make a water blob {tutorial}

Last week we cousins in town for the whole week.
Here is one of our favorite activities that we did….a water blob!!!!

water blob

One of my friends posted on facebook that
she had a made a water blob for her kiddos.
It looked like sooooo much fun! 
I did a quick search on Pinterest & found this water blob tutorial.

water blob 2

You’ll need a big roll of plastic sheeting & LOTS of duct tape.

how to make a water blob tutorial

It was soooo easy to make!

First I folded the plastic in half. 
Then I found myself some helpers! 
It was a little breezy! 
So my 4 helpers helped hold down the plastic while I taped the sides. 
You’ll leave a small opening for your water hose.
Stick your water hose in & fill it up.  Tape it shut.
FYI:  You will have some leaking around the edges.
I just went around & patched any leaks
with more tape as the blob was filling.

Then we let the kiddos go wild & crazy!!

water blob 3water blob 4
water blob 5water blob 6water blob summer funwaterblob 7

They had a blast!
Annnd I think I won the title of coolest mom/aunt ever!

Thank you so much stopping by my blog!
If this is your first time visiting I’d love to keep in touch.



  1. New follower~ I see some great ideas here~ hope to get a follow back

  2. Looks so much fun..will have to try this out with my kids!

  3. That blob looks like it would be a blast - thanks for posting!

  4. I have been trying to get one of these made for the past week and it has yet to happen! Other projects have won the vote so far :) No doubt my little boys will love this! Hope you have a great week back to normal!

  5. Looks like the kids love it!! I saw this on pinterest and have been wanting to try it! : ) Thanks for the motivation!

  6. Oh my goodness...that looks like so much fun!! :)

  7. Hello Ginger,
    Yes, you are the coolest Aunt ever. Playing on a water blog looks and sounds like so much fun.
    Smiles, Paula

  8. Wow,,the childrens faces alone say it all. What a blast! Thanks for sharing a great idea. One that is pretty quick,easy and not too costly either.........and FUN ! !
    ~ Holly

  9. That looks super fun! This is my first time stopping by, found you on Cherished Bliss' Craft & Tell.

  10. What a fun party! I love your adorable & super cute water blob!

  11. I have to try this with my kids, looks like a blast!

  12. This looks awesome! And I'm always looking for a way to be crowned coolest aunt! Pinning! And thanks for hosting the summer party!

  13. What a fantastic idea. I wish I had known about the water blob when my kids were young.

  14. Love this! Would love for you to share this at our Kitchen Fun and Crafty Friday link party...just posted it!

  15. Too fun! I am SO making a water blob for my kids before summer is over!

  16. Thanks so much for hosting! LOVE the cousin camp idea!!
    Barbara @ Chase the Star

  17. Wow, I didn't know you could make your own blob at home! My boys will LOVE this. Thanks for posting this.

  18. Looks like the funnest thing ever!!! I have got to try this. I think your definitely would be the best aunt ever.

  19. This is so awesome! I can't wait to try it. Looks like just the thing to cool kids off in this triple digit heat!

  20. SO FUN! Those are seriously some of the cutest pics ever too :)

  21. OH...MY...GAWD!! This looks like so much fun! I'm totally making one when we go to grandparent's house :)

  22. any idea what the weight limit might be?

  23. @K ben I'm not sure. We had about 10 kiddos on it for the whole afternoon & no big leaks & it didn't burst!

  24. This looks like SO much fun! I bet you were Mom of the Year!!

  25. Did it damage the grass underneath? I would love to try this, but my husband freaks about the slip n slide because it kills the grass.

  26. We only used it for one day. So it didn't do any damage to the grass. It just gave it a good watering when we let all the water out. :)

  27. What a fun idea!


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