Ginger Snap Crafts: my cutest craft FLOP ever {polka dot flip flops}

my cutest craft FLOP ever {polka dot flip flops}

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Yes, you read that right…my flip flops were a big flop! Ugh!

flip flops

Buuut aren’t they cute?? Winking smile

One day last week I had a brilliant idea (I thought!)
of making some cute polka dot flip flops. 
So I gathered my supplies:
flip flops, paint marker, stencil & some acrylic sealer

flip flops tutorial

1. I cut out my stencil.
2. Placed it on my flip flops.
3. Painted the first coat.
4. Gave it one more coat of paint.
5.  Looked at them & said “Those are the cutest thing ever!”
6. Sprayed it with the sealer.  Let dry.

flip flop 4

Buuuut unfortunately after my daughter wore them one time
(in the backyard for a few minutes!) the paint started to flake off.
I touched up with the paint pen & re-sealed them with regular Mod Podge.
(Crossing my fingers that would work, but it didn’t. Boo!)
The paint and Mod Podge both peeled off when she wore them! Ugh!

flip flop 6

My 5 year old said, “Mom, I told you you should of used purple paint!”
Maybe that was it! Winking smile

So have YOU tried to paint flip flops before? 
Any suggestions?  Tips?  Help!

Thank you so much stopping by my blog!
If this is your first time visiting I’d love to keep in touch.

(And I promise I do have craft success sometimes!)
Winking smile



  1. I have never tried, but I thought that you could try with sharpies... maybe... it would not then peel off. Just a thought.

  2. Oh, these are so adorable! I definitely think these are the cutest flip flops I have ever seen. :)

  3. They're absolutely adorable - bummer it didn't last though. Don't feel too horrible, the store bought ones with designs always wear off right away too :)

  4. Oh no! They certainly were cute!

  5. These were so cute! I've always found that designs never last long on flip flops just from the wear. Don't give up on them! Maybe you will figure something out.

  6. I just finished my own since i thought they were really cute. I used nail polish. I hope it works.

  7. I just finished my own since i thought they were really cute. I used nail polish. I hope it works.


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