Ginger Snap Crafts: cutting dies with your Revolution {tutorial}

cutting dies with your Revolution {tutorial}

Later today I’ll be sharing my latest project from Lifestyle Crafts!
Buuut I thought it might be a good idea to show you how to cut a die first!
When I first got my die cutter & dies I didn’t have a clue where to begin!
Buuuut once you get the hang of it…it is so fun {& easy}!

Lifestyle Crafts sells two different die cutters the Revolution & the Epic 6.
Today I’ll show you how to cut dies using the Revolution.
revolution lifestyle crafts

Dies come in several ways: nesting dies, cookie cutter dies, 4x4 & 2x2 dies.
Today I’ll show you how to use a 4x4 die with your Revolution.
What I LOVE about the Revolution is that it has a magnetic platform.
So your dies will stick right on! I love this because you don’t have
to worry about your die moving around on you, & it’s easy to align your paper. 

bloom and grow die from lifestyle crafts  bloom and grow

The first thing you’ll do is put your die on the platform. 
Then you’ll put your paper over the die.

bloom and grow die  bloom and grow lifestyle revolution

Next you’ll put your cutting mat on top of your paper
& then you’ll crank it through the cutter with the handle.
FYI: See all the marks on my cutting mat…don’t freak out like I did!
It’s suppose to get a little “roughed” up.  {It’s almost time for me to get a new one!}
You can buy replacement cutting mats for $3.99 over at Lifestyle Crafts. 
Don’t forget to use the code GINGER for 20%!  Yay!

bloom and grow die tutorial

Once you’ve cranked your die through your Revolution it will look something like this.
Just remove the excess paper, & then you’ll have a perfect die!  So cool!

bloom and grow flower die

Click here to see what I made with this flower die from the new Bloom & Grow series!

lifestyle crafts

Thank you so much stopping by my blog!
If this is your first time visiting I’d love to keep in touch.



Disclosure:  I was given the flower die from Lifestyle Crafts.  I bought the Revolution myself, and I LOVE it! 
All opinions are my own.


  1. This little machine is pretty neat. Is there a reason why you use it instead of your Cameo? Just curious. I have a Cameo and am wondering if it will do the same thing or if I should be looking at getting a Revolution. I can always make room for something new and fun! ;)

  2. That is a great question!

    I haven't cut a lot of paper with my Cameo. I usually just use it for my vinyl projects. :) I need to experiment with it more!

    What I like about the Revolution is that small, easy to get out & doesn't have to plug in. It's also way less expensive than a Cameo. I love the cute designs that Lifestyle Crafts carries that wouldn't be available with the Cameo. They seriously have some cute stuff. It's also something new. I've never tried die cuts before so it's fun cranking them through the machine. :)

    What I love about the Cameo is that you can re-size the design & make it a whatever size you need so that is a big plus. Also the designs are really cheap to buy, & as you know, they have cute designs as well. With dies you are kind of limited with the size, and dies can be expensive to buy.

    I love having both. It gives me more crafty options. Both are wonderful & fun to use.


  3. I have the Revolution and a Big Kick. I like both of them. The Revolution is heavy enough that it doesn't wiggle around when you are cutting. I wish it would cut a little bit larger than it does but in all it is great.

  4. Incidentally, when the term "die" is used in this sense, it is referring not to the result (cut item) or the machine (like a Big Shot) but the the plate with the blades attached, the item that makes the actual cut.

    Some people refer to the cut items (of paper or cloth or foam) as "die cuts", but that actually is referring to action of cutting more than the items, in my opinion.

    In the printing biz, a card with a die cut is called "a card" not a "die cut" or a "die" because both are incomplete or inaccurate terms. Saying "a die-cut card" would be accurate or saying "a die cut element" or symbol or embellishment would probably work also.

    Other wise, in professional terms, if you walked in to a "finishers" shop (one term for companies that specialize in die-cutting ) and said " I want to buy 3 dies" they would assume you meant the board with cutting blades premade to a specific shape. If you said " I need 27 die cuts," they would next say "Well, what is it, exactly, that you want us to cut? Card stock? Paper? Cloth?

    All this means less if applied only to crafts, but for me (with some history behind me) the use of "short hand" terms makes for a confusing read.

    Just thought it might help! Best, Mark

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