Ginger Snap Crafts: how to grow your blog {blogging tips}

how to grow your blog {blogging tips}

My blog turns 1 this week! Yay!
I’ve got lots of things planned over the next two weeks
to celebrate this milestone for my little blog.
Stay turned for some fun giveaways,
a HUGE {wow me} wednesday party this week,
& I thought I’d post a few blogging tips along the way.

Two things I’ve learned this year is that
(1) if you build it they will NOT come
(I’ll explain that in a minute!) &
(2) if you want BIG things to happen
for your blog you’ve got to make it happen.

Before I started blogging I thought someone would start a great blog,
& readers & followers would just come along with it. 
Companies would contact you to try out their products.
Bigger blogs would stop by & decide to feature you.
Not much work would be involved.
You just post on your blog, sit back & that’s it!
What I’ve learned is that even if you have fabulous ideas & great tutorials
you’ve got to do something more to help your blog GROW!!!
Growing YOUR blog…takes a lot of YOU working on it.

how to grow your blog

Here’s a few things that have helped my blog GROW along the way!

Get the ball rolling.

Nobody wants to be the first follower on a blog.
The first day my blog went live I asked everyone I knew.
(Even my brother! Winking smile) to come follow my blog, please!!!
Good thing I have a big family & lots of friends…
because by the end of my first month I had 100 followers.
Which was really awesome!  Yay!
At the beginning I also linked up to a few blog hops.
I don’t do that as much anymore,
but they are a great way to get
those numbers rolling in the beginning. 
(Of course, you want people to follow YOU because they LOVE your blog
not just for a follow back.)  So don’t over use blog hops.
Remember you want readers (those that come back often) more than just followers.

Link up {& link up a lot!!}.

I’ve told you this before but linking up to link parties was
one of the biggest helps to get more traffic to my blog. 
In the beginning I linked up a lot!  Each party & each feature
will get your blog a little more out there & a few more followers. 
More people will see YOU and your awesome work.
{That’s a very good thing!} Smile

Comment on other blogs.

Leave meaningful comments on other blogs.
Make sure you are not a no reply blogger.
Make it easy for fellow bloggers to contact YOU back!
If you find a blog you really like tell them! Smile

Invest in your blog design.

If you are a great blog designer…awesome!
If you are like me & need a little help that’s OK,
but that means you’ll need to invest in a GOOD blog design. 
{It doesn’t have to be expensive.}

My first header {Remember this???}:


I bought my first header and buttons from a
cute little seller on Etsy called the
Simply Creative Shop for under $15.
I had Kim from 733 Custom Blog Design
design my menu bar and post tabs & that was it.
Later after I had reached 1000 followers
& had 6 months of blogging under my belt
I had Kim design my current blog design.
Your blog design is the first thing readers see,
you want it to be inviting & professional looking.

Read those {blogging tip} post.

My favorite type of blog post to read
has got to be the CRAFTY ones {of course!},
but I also LOVE reading blogging tip post!
Other bloggers are great about giving advice!
Take them up on it & read it!  Smile
When I first started my blog I read a bunch about blogging.
Buuuut remember what worked for one might not work for YOU.
There are many different ways to do things, so just do what feels right for you!

Feature others {& then tell them!}

One of the biggest boost to my blogging numbers
& traffic has been my link party on Wednesdays.
I try to feature as many as you as I can each week.
I usually feature 15 other bloggers
(if not more!) each week.
When you feature someone TELL them. 
Leave a comment on their blog.
Featuring & being featured are
one of the biggest relationship
builders among bloggers.
{So do it…often!} Smile
You can read my featuring & being featured blogging tip post here.

Be a follower {in a good way!}.

Don’t be afraid to follow others.
Blogging is the most wonderful when
we help & support each other.
If you see a blog you like, follow them.
Show your support for them! 
Following someone is like giving some a big thumbs up!
You are saying “Hey, I think you are doing a great job!”
Now who doesn’t LOVE to hear that??Winking smile
{Don’t expect a follow back, but most likely they will visit YOU, too.}

Reach out & be kind.

Always be kind to other bloggers.
Blog karma is real…if you are kind and helpful to others,
others will  be kind to YOU! Smile
If someone ask you a question, answer it.
If someone ask for blogging advice, give it.
If someone leaves you a
super sweet comment, say thank you!

Jump on those

guest posting opportunities!!

This one is HUGE. 
A lot of times {especially during the summer time}
BIG bloggers will put a call out for guest posters.  Jump on those!
Take every chance you can to get your name out there.
When you post make sure it shows your best work.
Link to 2 or 3 of your most popular post.
Make sure you link back to your blog, so others can check YOU out.

YOU’ve got to make it happen!

YOU are the one who knows best
what direction you want your blog to go.
As a craft blogger the opportunity to work
with craft related companies was one of my goals.
One of the companies I LOVED was Lifestyle Crafts. 
I didn’t wait around for them to contact me.
I sent them an email & said “Hi, I’d love to work with you!”
At first they didn’t have any affiliate spots open,
but a few weeks later they contacted me
& asked me if I was still interested. 
Of course, I said YES!  Don’t be afraid to try
& make things happened for your blog. 
Contact others…don’t be shy…the worst they can say is no!
Annnd they just might say YES!!! Smile

Be a consistent blogger.

Make sure you blog consistently!!!
For me I try to post at least once per day
Monday through Friday.  You can count on that! Smile
My link party always post on Tuesdays at 7 pm.
I always feature others on Thursdays.
Tutorials are usually on Mondays & Fridays.
Readers know what to expect around here.
Have a schedule. (But always allow a little wiggle room!!)
If you only post 2 or 3 times a week…that’s OK.
Do what fits YOU best.

Always be yourself.

There is always going to be someone
bigger, better & more talented.
Buuut hey, there is only one YOU! 
So be yourself. 
Don’t try to be anyone else!
Do what feels right to you! 
My niche is cute & easy crafts…
you are not going to see an entire room reveal
or see me try & sew a new dress
& you’ll never, ever see me brake out
some power tools…that’s just not me! 
YOU are fabulous just the way YOU are!
Don’t ever forget that!!! Smile

Have fun.

Blogging is suppose to be fun!  Don’t stress too much!
If your numbers aren’t growing as much as you’d like…that’s OK.
Blogging is way more than numbers.  It’s about sharing our talents,
finding new ideas & most of all making & building relationships.
If you are doing all that…YOU are doing just fine! Smile

{Annnnd this is officially the LONGEST post I have ever written!} Winking smile

How have YOU

helped your blog GROW???

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  1. Thanks for these advices, I am just blogging since February this year and I am happy about every follower I get. I like your blog because there are easy and creative craft ideas and I can feel that you don´t just blog to earn money, no, you have fun doing this!
    And I love your link parties and link up whenever I have an interesting post to share.
    Love, Dani

  2. Great tips, friend! I know you have been this successful, because YOU are a really nice blogger! People want to spend time on your site, because you make them feel so welcome. I am so happy to 'know' you & call you my friend!

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  11. Thanks for some great tips, especially the last one about being yourself and having fun. I think it's so easy to compare yourself with other bloggers, but there really isn't a point, because we're all different, and it's OK for me to not grow as fast, as long as I am true to myself. Thanks for the little reminder!

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  19. This is a GREAT post! You have some really awesome tips. When I first started blogging I thought at my year mark (which came in February) I would be well past the thousand reader mark. I'm not-I'm just about to hit 300. But when I really started to get into blogging I realized that the numbers really aren't that important.

    I have loved getting to know other bloggers-some bigger and some smaller than I am. And I love to feature other people and help them grow their own blogs. I've realized that the numbers (while fun) don't mean as much to me now as they did when I first started blogging.

    Thanks for sharing these great tips!

    Newlyweds on a Budget

  20. Great info!! You have had a wonderful year! Congrats....In fact this inspired me to start a Blogging Tips board on Pinterest and you are my 1st pin:-)

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    I know I have a lot of readers through Facebook {where I post my blog entries} but I don't have that many followers. I'm going to give your ideas a try and see if it works.
    Thanks so much!!!

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    Sara Beth

  43. Interesting stuff! I would add to it - be careful about big changes. I went from blogger to self hosted wordpress and changed my blog name at the same time. I had seen someone else do it successfully but for me it was a disaster! I have abandoned the whole thing and started over on blogger again.

  44. Thanks for the advice. I've been blogging for a few years but only seriously over the past few months so it is very helpful to see tips like this to help my tiny little blog :)

    - Adele @ Mammy Made

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  47. Happy Blog-o-versary Ginger! And thanks for all the tips. I've been doing this for about four months and have tried a lot of those but also see some things I could stand to try. I have gotten a lot of traffic from the Gawker sites (love them!), but don't seem to get many subscribers that way. Do you have any suggestions on how to convert my traffic to more followers?

  48. Great article, lots of great tips. I am new at blogging so I am still trying to figure it all out. Finding the time is tough. It takes a lot of time trying to grow your business. I am always looking for great advice and tips. Thank you so much for sharing.

    Linda @

  49. Thank you for taking the time to write this up! The advice is really great (and needed). Just became a follower :)

  50. Hi, and thank you for the great words of advice. My followers have diminished over the last couple years. Everyone has less time and moved to the Facebook/Twitter side. I've been just doing my "blog thing" and journal what's been happening in our family. I haven't been trying to acquire a following. My kids don't even know what I'm writing about them. Maybe I should do some link-parties just to meet new friends. Sheesh, I need advice on this. Thank you for the blogging ideas. The cute little dress tutorial caught my eye and it's so darling.

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  52. Great tips! My blog is quite new and slowly evolving as well. Im happy with the way it is going and I'm also discovering a lot more about myself. my projects keep me excited all week long! i love crafts as well and painting so Im doing a bit of both. I get sidetracked sometimes with posts to fill-in but well it's part of the journey!
    Am following you now! Congratulations on the blog you did well and very much inspiring for all of us!

  53. Thanks for the tips! My blog is really new and I am constantly reading for ways to become better.

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  55. Thank you so much for posting this. I am a {relatively} new blogger and have just started my craft blog. It's handmade by me and I know could use some work LOL. But I do love sharing what I create or just what inspires me.

    I do have a button of yours on my blog simply because YOU do inspire me and I definitely love your blog. So much fun and I love the clean smooth look plus easy to follow tutorials.

    All in all, thanks for being you and for giving me the guts and drive to be a better crafter and blogger :-]

  56. Thanks so much pertaining to giving me an update on this topic on your blog. Please know that if a fresh post becomes available or if any variations occur to the current article, I would be interested in reading a lot more and learning how to make good utilization of those strategies you talk about. Thanks for your efforts and consideration of other men and women by making this website available.

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    Have a fabulous evening.


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    I've Pinned quite a few crafts of yours to Pinterest {hope you don't mind} and am now so happy that I have some tricks I can use for my own pages.


  59. The place looks simple but the food is divine!
    Thanks for sharing.

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  65. Thank you so much for these tips. I will be implementing these in the hope of growing my little blog.


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