Ginger Snap Crafts: {my flower garden}

{my flower garden}

Lots of talk about Spring on the blog this week!
Here’s some pictures from my front flower beds.
Most of these flowers were planted last spring & fall,
so I’m super excited that most of them came back & look so pretty!
{I seriously use to kill every plant I tried to grow!}
I finally learned that plants do much better if you don’t forget to water them!




I just planted this lilac bush.


Our tulips are just about to bloom!


My favorite flowers are the pansies. 
I plant these in the fall, & they hang on all winter.
Now it’s spring, & they are just bursting with flowers!  Love them!!


What is YOUR favorite flower?

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  1. So gorgeous! I need to get planting soon--I usually just do flower pots, but they are still beautiful!

  2. Oh you are so lucky - it's still cold & dreary here where I am...

  3. Your flowers are beautiful! It's definitely not warm enough here yet but my tulips have come up so that's great news!

  4. Lilacs are my fave smell and Dahlias are my fave look. We used only dahlias at our wedding. Tons of dahias. Gorgeous.

    Stepping up my flower garden game is on my list of goals for this year. Your flowers are beautiful!

  5. so so pretty! And your pictures are great!

  6. Gorgeous Ginger! You sure have a green thumb this year.

  7. Oh man! I am SO jealous. I can't keep fake plants alive, let alone real ones... Love your pictures. Thanks for sharing!

  8. So pretty!!! We're just now starting to work on our yard and what not so it will be a long time before mine is as close to as pretty as this...


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