Ginger Snap Crafts: Did you notice??? {blog design updates}

Did you notice??? {blog design updates}

So did you notice anything different about the ol’ blog this week????
I had Kim from
733 Blog Design tweek a few things for me!
(She’s amazing & super fast by the way.  I highly recommend her!)

First up….I got rid of “the shadow”.

Do you see the shadow around the outside edge of my blog?


Now it’s gone!  Yay! Smile


Next up I wanted my font size in my post to be the same size as the font in my sidebar.



Much better. Smile


The next tweek was the option to add a ….read more…. to my blog post.
I know blog readers have different opinions on this one…what do YOU think???
I don’t think I’ll have it on  I think I’ll use it mostly for my longer post.
I’m hoping it helps my blog load faster & makes it a little bit easier to browse.
Annnnd it suppose to help boost your SEO.  That would be awesome!
Plus I really love the super cute design Kim came up with….so cute!


Check out these great tutorials on how to add a read more link to your blog
733 Blog and Craftaholics Anonymous.   It’s a lot easier than you think! Smile


If you could change one thing
about YOUR blog what would it be???

I’ll be back later today with some amazing features from YOU!
Remember there’s still time to link up to this week’s party!

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  1. Your blog update is great! I just did one too.

    Thanks for the great resource in your designer - have a great day!

  2. I want to put in the Like me on Facebook button but I've tried it again and again and can't make it work.

  3. I think everything looks great! I have got to add the 'pin it' button, gotta google that soon. :)

  4. Looking good!!! :)


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