Ginger Snap Crafts: chalkboard Family Home Evening board {tutorial}

chalkboard Family Home Evening board {tutorial}

family home evening board LDS

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Monday nights are Family Home Evening nights at our house.
(Hmmmm….maybe I should of posted this on a Monday!??!) Winking smile

Family Home Evening is one night a week set aside just for our family.
It is usually TONS of fun & each family member plays a part.
We close & open with a prayer, share a scripture, sing songs,
someone gives a short lesson, we have a fun activity or game
& then we save the best for last, a yummy treat!  Yum!

To keep track of who is doing what I made this super cute & easy
{chalkboard} Family Home Evening Board.


chalkboard paint
wood board cut & routed
(Ours is approx. 1 foot x 4 foot.)
vinyl lettering

I used My Own Topher font
& a scroll from my Silhouette clip art library.

IMG_2183  IMG_2185  IMG_2186

Paint your board with the chalkboard paint.
Let dry.  Then apply your vinyl lettering. 
(Click here for more detailed instructions on applying vinyl.)
TIP:  When I am applying a super long piece of vinyl
Before I remove the backing paper
I tape the top of my vinyl piece into place,
and then I cut the vinyl in pieces just like a puzzle.
Annnd then put it all back together. 
It’s a lot easier than working with one HUGE piece of vinyl.

IMG_2188  IMG_2189  IMG_2190

That’s it!  Super cute & easy!


We just use regular chalk to write in everyone’s names each week.
Then we use a baby wipe to wipe off the chalk, & it’s as good as new!
TIP:  Don’t use a chalk marker on chalkboard paint. 
It won’t come off all the way!  I ended up having to repaint
& re-do the vinyl because we used a chalk marker at first.  grrr! Sad smile

family home evening board

The kiddos have lots of fun writing in the names each week.

Do you have any fun family traditions?

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  1. Oh, I really love this! And I love that the kids could even write their own names on there--once they can write, of course. :) Thanks for sharing this!

    Ps--I have a Zac too, can't remember if I've told you that before. :)

  2. This is fun! And it fits you guys! We received a cute FHE board for our wedding. It's a board lengthwise that reads FHE across the top, then Scripture, Lesson, Treat, etc.. Each on has a horseshoe nail that you can hang your family names on!

  3. Love this! How adorable! I love everything about this...vinyl letters, chalkboard paint, the family time, it's wonderful :).

  4. It looks great Ginger! What a fun way to organize your evening together.

  5. Hi Ginger, I had to hop over from Cotton Pickin Cute when I saw your name.
    I think your family chalk board is great! Such a nice thing to have the family night.
    I am a new follower, Ginger

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  7. I am loving all these "chalkboard paint" projects!! Love this! Would be thrilled to haave you share this at my party thats still going on! and if you like what you see maybe become a new follower!
    Following you via LINKY

  8. This is so cute! and I love your ideas for Family night! I pinned this and I'm now a follower!

  9. Love this!! I need to make one for the kids. Thanks for the tutorial, I pinned it for future reference. :)

  10. I love the chalkboard idea! It's fun for the kids to be able to write in their own name and hopefully help them remember what they're in charge of. ;-) I would love for you to link it up to my first link party. I know my readers would love it too!

  11. WOW!! The chalkboard idea is absolutely genius! I love this, Ginger!! So stinkin' cute!! I will be sharing this!

  12. This is such a wonderful idea and I love it!

  13. ohmigoodness! This is a fabulous idea Ginger!!!

  14. I'm featuring this on my link party tomorrow! I hope you come again!

  15. I am soooooo making this!!!! Totally love it! What brand of chalk paint did you use? I bought one before and it was lame-o and the chalk won't come off easy (although that could be cause of the dollar store chalk.... hmmm)

    1. I bought mine at Lowes. It was the Glidden brand. It works great. :)

  16. This is a fabulous idea. We've had an organizational chart for FHE for a while now, but it's starting to get a little old now, and this would make an awesome replacement. In fact, I think our next Family Home Evening activity is going to be making this chalkboard.

  17. I included your fun FHE chart in my recent blog post collecting all the best FHE chart ideas on the web. You can find it here:
    Thanks for the fun idea!

  18. I just made an FHE chart almost identical to yours even using the same font. This has been on my to-do list for like 5 years so thanks so much for the inspiration!

  19. My sister and I are going to make these but I was just wondering how much paint you used for your 1x4' piece. Also, how many coats? Thanks!

    1. I would use 2 coats of paint. It doesn't take too much paint. I have a quart can of chalkboard paint from Lowes, and it has lasted forever. Good luck with your project. :)

  20. So the little acrylic paint bottles, maybe two of them? And did you paint the back?


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