Ginger Snap Crafts: tutorial {jazz up your science project} #gluenglitter

tutorial {jazz up your science project} #gluenglitter

Most of you know that I have 5 kiddos.
Sometimes I’m the the strict
do-your-chores kinda of mom,
but other times I can be pretty fun. 
(I think so, anyways.) :)
My oldest son, Zach, has a thing
about creepy, crawly animals (ewwww!).
In my attempt to try & be fun mom
I let him get a leopard gecko
with his Christmas money!  Yikes!
(Lizards seriously creep me out…so this was a big deal for me!)
So far, so good. (It hasn’t escaped yet.  Whew!)
Annnnd another added benefit, he is using his
leopard gecko for a 4H animal science project.  Yay!

science fair display board

Annnnd in another attempt to be a fun mom….
I let him use my vinyl cutter to
jazz up his science project display.
Pretty fancy, huh???

Before we started on this project my hubby
& I headed to Wal-mart to pick up some supplies.
We were on the hunt for an Elmer’s Tri-Fold Board & other supplies.
You can check out my shopping trip in my google+ story
Annnnd yes, a trip to Wal-mart does count as a date. ;)

IMG_20120202_201608  IMG_20120202_200523  IMG_20120202_201531

For this project you’ll need:
Elmer’s Tri-Fold Board
Elmer’s X-TREME School Glue Stick
colored cardstock
paper cutter
leopard gecko pictures & information
vinyl lettering

(We used A Truer Blue
& Courier New fonts for this project.)


Zach jazzed up his vinyl by adding spots
to his leopard gecko & to the word leopard
using a permanent marker on the yellow vinyl. 
It looked really cool.

IMG_3322  IMG_3328  IMG_3333

The next step was applying the vinyl lettering to the Elmer’s Tri-Fold Board.
The vinyl stuck really easy to the cardboard.  It was really goes on nice & smooth.
(For more detailed instructions on how to apply vinyl lettering click here.)

IMG_3401  IMG_3403

Then we used the Elmer’s X-TREME School Glue Stick
to glue on the leopard gecko pictures & facts.
We used the ruler on our paper cutter to line up everything just right.

IMG_3414  IMG_3411  IMG_3417

Here is Zach’s finished leopard gecko science project
Pretty jazzy, don’t you think? ;)


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  1. This one is best science project.I really impress by this projects.I inspire from it.

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  2. Love this! I would say this has to be one of the cutest ones there. :) You did a a great job!

  3. The project looks amazing. My kids would love to have a gheko but I think, they would be so jealous.

  4. What a fun, vibrant project!! Of course, as soon as I share it with my son, he'll be wanting a Gecko (sigh) :)

  5. first
    i found you via LF and am now a follower via that and GFC
    (i like to be thorough!)

    walmart totally counts as a date
    as long as no children are present

    i want to join the cool mum club
    since i finally caved
    and let my son get a snake

    love the project
    and your blog!


  6. You know, my husband and I sometimes cruise through Target, extra slow, on dates. What a lovely experience. Glad you do the same thing! And the project turned-out great.

  7. Zach did a great job, it looks fantastic!

  8. super cute! My daughters working on a homesteading tri fold bpoard project right now, I showed her this layout and she loved it! Ecpecially since weve owned geckos!!

  9. OH yay! I loved 4-H when I was a kid!! Granted my pigs and sheep were a little bigger than a gecko, but it's still as cool! ;)

  10. Thanks for hosting. I posted my chai recipe that can be made to your specific health needs. The perfect tea to sip on while you do your crafts!!

  11. Been too long since I've left you a note, Ginger! Hows life with the leopard gecko these days? You might remember that my four year old is a reptile and amphibian nut! He started asking for a leopard gecko for Christmas back in September :) It was his Christmas present and he's since traded it for a smaller albino one... so far its going good for us too! I'm grateful its pretty resilient and comatose! Your blog is looking awesome as always :) Hope things are great in your world!


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