Ginger Snap Crafts: omtwi finale {block nativity set}

omtwi finale {block nativity set}

Seriously. I am in shock!  I can’t believe I won One Month to Win It!  Crazy! :)
First off, congratulations to the other two ladies in the finales, Molly & Kate!
I think we all agreed the competition was TONS of fun,
and best of all we got to meet some new crafty friends! :)
Thank you to everyone from OMTWI! :)  It was a blast!
Oh by the way….auditions for Season 7 start Monday!

Annnd for this project I have to thank my hubby!
I told you before how indecisive I was about which project to submit.
I had a couple already done.  Of course, I asked my hubby what he thought…
he wasn’t too impressed with what I had come up with (at least he’s honest) ;)
and he said why don’t you make a nativity….so once I had the idea
the rest just fell into place.  I really do love how it turned out! 
There’s another reason I love it, too.  I tell YOU in a minute! :)
This project was super easy & best of all, didn't cost me a thing! 
Wahoo!  I just used scraps of wood from our shed,
and a few craft supplies that I already had on hand! :)

Here's the {easy} tutorial on how I painted my blocks.
To make each piece:

I just got my block of wood. 
Painted the face of it a creamy white.  Let it dry. 
I used vinyl nativity pieces as stencils.  I cut these using my Silhouette & software. 
I applied my vinyl to my block of wood & then painted over it. 
It took about 2-3 coats of paint depending on the color I was using. 
Then I let it dry completely & then carefully removed the vinyl. 
Touched up any areas the paint might of bled through with a fine tipped paint brush. 
Sanded the edges with sand paper to give my blocks a worn appearance.
Then I went over the entire block with some light wood stain. 
I removed any excess stain with a rag.  That was it!  Super easy!


In my OMTWI post I didn’t have space to show you my cute star. 
I had bought this star in Nauvoo when we went this past summer,
& it made the perfect star for the nativity. 
I just got a block of wood, painted it, drilled a small hole
& stuck a stiff piece of wire in the hole & then hot glued my star on.  Perfect!

Here’s some more pictures!  I took a ton! :)

Here are the sizes of my blocks:

{All in inches}

Baby Jesus 4 x 2
Mary 5.5 x 2.5
Joseph 5.5 x 3
camel 5 x 7
star block 4.5 x 2.5

stable 18 x 10
wise man #1 5 x 2.5
wise man #2 5.5 x 5
wise man #3 4 x 3.5


shepherd #1 5.5 x 3
shepherd #2 4 x 2.5
shepherd #3 6 x 3


both sheep 2.5 x 3
donkey 5.5 x 4
cow 6 x 4


OK now here’s my favorite part about this nativity set-
it can be played with!!!  Nothing can be broken!
So it’s perfect for the kiddos to take out, stack up,
line up & act out the Christmas story with.
Annnd hopefully in the process learn
more about the true meaning of Christmas! :)

Yep, I spent $5.00 (or under) on this project. 
So I’m adding the $5.00 (or under) button to this post. Yay!

Reminder:  If you have any $5.00 (or under)
Christmas projects, click the button & link up. :)

Thanks again to everyone from OMTWI
and to all of YOU for voting each week!!!


  1. great job ginger - - did you get the images out of the Silhouette store or did you find them somewhere else?? I'm thinking of making several of these!

  2. Congratulations! I loved this project and had a guess it was yours. Thanks for sharing your great ideas.

  3. Congrats! Always fun to see someone win who I'm already following :) Great project too!

  4. Judging by this nativity I am not at ALL surprised that you won!! It is so darling..I may be inspired enough to make one for us! Thanks for sharing!

  5. So cool Ginger! Congrats on winning! Your nativity set is darling. What a fun craft!

  6. I love this and I can't wait to make it!

  7. Congrats Ginger! Love this idea! :) Especially since it's great for the kiddos to play with!!

  8. Congrats, Ginger! Great project...I love the kid-friendliness of it and the cost as well!

  9. Great, great job. I can't tell you how much I love it. Might have to make one for next year. It's so great and I love that the kids can have fun with it.

  10. YAY!! That's awesome. I had a little trouble all "season" knowing which one was yours, but this time I KNEW which one was yours! :) Good Job!!

  11. CONGRATS Ginger!! You Rock :)

  12. I knew this was yours! It is so adorable! And I love how it can be used with the little ones as well! I am totally making this! Thanks for sharing! And good luck!

  13. Congratulations! You deserved to win! I voted for you!

  14. You did SUCH a great job! The nativity and all of your other projects were great. I loved getting to know you through this contest. Congratulations! Lisa~

  15. Congrats! You totally deserved it! : ) I love how it turned out, and so much fun for the kiddos. I have a glass one and I'm always saying, Don't touch it! It will break! This would be much easier! : )

  16. Congratulations! This project totally deserves to win. I love it!! I'm pinning it in hopes to make it for next year (not enough time right now.) :)

  17. I really like this one (maybe I'll get one for Christmas?!), but um . . . to make it myself, since I don't have wood, paint, a vinyl letter machine, . . . yea . . . not under $5. :(

  18. Thank you for all your comments! :)

    Amber, since you're my sister...I'm sure I can hook you up! ;) hehe


  19. what a great idea! congratulations on your win!!

  20. featured this today!

  21. Congratulations!! I am so happy for you..I've been telling everyone how my sister won a craft blog contest.:) I love the nativity set too!! Love ya!

  22. I was just wondering, for those of us w/o Silouette machines, if you sell sets of the cut outs?

    I always see such cute things made with that machine, but I don't have one...nor will be able to afford one any time soon! :)

    But I'd love to make one of these for my 3 yr old SS class. Would you sell a set of the stencils?

  23. Awesome and amazing!! Thanks so much for playing along with OMTWI! :) And saw that you are on ucreate this morning -- congrats! :)

  24. Found you on Made by You Mondays! I'm hosting a 25 Days of Handmade Christmas series and would love for you to share your tutorial! I love it!

    For more info:



  25. I agree...would you sell sets of cutouts?? Or is there a place where I could find some in approximate sizes for the wood cuts that you made???

  26. I'm in the same boat as a few others. Your project is awesome. Nativity figures cost SOOOO much, then kids want to play with them. These are the perfect solution!... if you have a silhouette machine. Which I don't. I have a cricut, but, alas, no nativity cartridges. Plus, even if I found a nativity cartridge, they cost at least $25. Would you be willing to print off a set of the vinyl figures and mail them to me? I could send you a paypal payment. Seriously. This project is so cool, and I so want to make it! Puh-lease! Pretty please! :) You can email me at jwildbur at gmail dotcom

  27. CONGRATULATIONS Ginger! The things that you made were fantastic and I am so happy that you won!

  28. I've had so many comments are where to get the vinyl. I searched online & found several places that sale nativity vinyl...not exactly the same but would still be really cute. I put them in a post's the link:

    Thank you for all the kind comments & emails. :)


  29. I really like the simplicity of this - and I collect nativities, so it just fits right in at my house :) Thanks for the great tutorial!


    winks, jen-COM

  31. Oh my goodness!! I absolutely ADORE this! Thanks so much for sharing the tutorial. I totally want to make one for everyone in my family next year! :D I'm your newest follower. :)

  32. What a huge hit this is! I am now following you and I hope you will follow me back. Would you link up with my Handmade on Humpday link party going on now? You can find it at I look forward to more of your cute ideas!

  33. This is so darn adorable! I am shouting it out today on FB.

    Printable Decor
    Saved By Love Creations

  34. Thanks so much for linking to Totally Tutorial Tuesdays!! You were featured today:

  35. That's such a cool idea! The fact it can be played with makes it all the better (because who didn't want to play with the fragile nativity set as a child?!)

  36. I'm over visiting from the Family Ever After link party. This is such a great idea! And I love that my son won't be able to break them ;)

    ~Kara (your newest google follower :)

  37. Ginger, I voted for this project! I absolutely love it! Would you want to link it up to my Holiday Happenings party? Anything Holiday goes!

  38. Hey friend, I am going to be featuring this tomorrow @ Southern Lovely!

  39. I love it! I've been wanting to make myself a nativity set but never got around to it. Looks like this is another reason to get a Silhouette!
    I'm a new follower too!

  40. THis is such a sweet gift idea, I just love it! I showed it off tonight on my blog!


  41. I absolutely LOVE it!! What a great idea to use vinyl and wooden blocks. I love that your kids can see and touch it and you don't have to worry about it getting broken. I may have to make one for my house! :)

  42. Thanks for linking up with the New Years hop. I love this idea! Yours turned out beautifully and I love that the kids can play with it!

  43. Thank you so much for linking up with New Years, New Followers blog hop! I love this nativity scene. I didn't get around to making a new nativity scene this year, but I might need to do this next year so my little guy doesn't destroy them.

  44. So happy to be following from the New Year New Followers Blog Hop! I hope to see you around the bloggie world sometime soon:)

  45. I love your Nativity Ginger. I was wondering if you got your nativity out of the silhoutte store or if you got if off the web. I would like to do these for a ladies craft night. If you could point me in the right direction of were to get the images I would appreciate it. You can email me at

  46. This is GORGEOUS! I have been looking for a great nativity for four years now and this is so perfect! {Visiting from Brown Paper Packages}!

  47. Can I please buy the nativity vinyl from you?? Please let me know
    JenniferbellTN at hotmail dot com

  48. Did you find the nativity vinyls in the silhouette store? I have a silhouette and if so I can whip out these vinyls and mail them to whoever wants them for a price. I'll just have to figure that price out and which colors I have in stock and how many rolls of vinyl I'd need for all of these figures. My email is

  49. This is adorable! I do have a Silhouette and was wondering which images you used. I figured out the 8-piece nativity set, but which other animals did you use?

  50. Making 7 of these to give as gifts this year (plus one for me!) Turned out so cute - and cheap! I don't have a silhouette, but I bought the vinyl roll, cut to fit my printer, and printed the images on the paper side of the vinyl then cut out. I can use each vinyl set at least twice. Takes a bit of time, but worth it!

  51. I am Stuck with the animals, etc too... If you don't mind emailing me with where to find them, is appreciate it!! Thanks!

  52. I got all my images including the animals from the Silhouette online store & then cut them in vinyl with my Silhouette.

    If you don't own a Silhouette you can buy the vinyl from Southpaw Crafts on etsy. Here is her listing.

  53. thanks!!! I made up a few sets for this Christmas. Here they are:

    Thanks for the great idea! I link up to you on the post.

  54. Ginger, can you tell me more about the stain you used as the final step?

  55. @Mama Chick I just sent you an email but just in case anyone else has the same question. I just used Minwax wood stain. I believe it was the mahogany color. Wear rubber gloves & then dip an old rag into the stain & rub it on your blocks until you get the look you want. Hope that helps. :)

  56. I can not wait to make this this weekend! Much more rustic, and cheaper than buying the expensive Willow Tree one! Thanks for the tutorial. Going to attempt it without the silhouette, but hoping to win one from your blog post today!

  57. I don't want to make it, I want to buy it. Do you have an etsy shop? Will you make another? Lemme know if you want to sell me one.

  58. I love this project and would like to feature it in a crafty round-up on my blog. Just wondering if I could have permission to use one of your photos and link back to your project? Let me know!

  59. Can you tell me the SIZES of wood you bought initially to make all the cuts?

    1. Jeanie most of them were made from 2x4's. I used a few random pieces, too! Not sure of the size it was before we started cutting. Sorry!

  60. Did you use spray or acryllic paint?

  61. I just made this using plain wood and the vinyl cutout, no painting!! Even with having to buy the wood and vinyl, it's still around $6 a set. My sizes are a little different, but still cute as heck!!!

  62. Love, love, love it. Made this for my 4 and 2.5 yr old grandsons while visiting them. Looking forward to them learning about the true meaning of Christmas!


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