Ginger Snap Crafts: vote {please!}

vote {please!}

I’ve got a HUGE favor to ask!
{I need YOUR vote!}
During the month of November I’m a contestant over at One Month To Win It.
Voting starts TODAY for Round 1: Krylon Spray Paint.
The only catch is I can't tell YOU which project is mine! 
It’s totally anonymous…I can’t give you a clue, picture or hint.
Only that we all had to use Krylon Spray Paint in our first project.
So if you have a second please pop over here to vote! 
{Thank YOU!!!} :)
After YOU vote come back here & leave a comment
letting me know which project you think is mine! 
I’d love to see how many get it right! :)


  1. I voted...I hope it was yours. Good Luck!

  2. This is tricky! I first thought one of the chair "remodels", but then the trunk, EAT sign, or even possibly the bouncy horse could be one of your fabulous creations too! I hope I picked the right one!

  3. Well, I voted for the EAT sign and sure hope that's yours!

  4. I think yours is the outdoor chalkboard?

  5. Wow, there are some great projects over there. I KNOW yours is one of the ones between 1-10! HA! GOOD LUCK! I hope the one I voted for was yours. :)

  6. Voted! Pretty sure I chose yours. ;)

  7. I think yours is the outdoor chalk board? There's some really great projects there!

  8. I didn't realize you were a contestant I guess!!! I voted for the bouncy horse! Maybe it was yours??? ;)

  9. I Voted for #5. A Spray Painted Up-cycled Trunk. It was a hard choice. I do hope I got it right!

  10. #2 the chair re-do


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