Ginger Snap Crafts: how to {family reunion t-shirts}

how to {family reunion t-shirts}

My hubby’s side of the family had a HUGE family reunion recently!  Can you find me?  I’m the one on the left holding my little man. :)  My other kiddos are all mixed in with their cousins.  Do you see my hubby?  Nope…he was out of town for the first couple of days & missed the family pictures. :(  {I know he was in BIG TrOuBLe!}  Buuut don’t you just LOVE our matching shirts? :)  They were easy breezy, too! 

Here’s how we made them:

IMG_0486  IMG_0487  IMG_0494  IMG_0495

First I cut a BUNCH of stencils out in vinyl using my Silhouette clip art & machine.  Then we applied the vinyl to our t-shirts.  TIP: Put a piece of cardboard between your shirt & the back before you start painting just in case!  I used this craft paint from Hobby Lobby…whatever paint you use…read the label first & make sure it says it’s OK to use for fabrics.  It will work much better.  It won’t be as stiff!  Trust me! ;)

IMG_0497  IMG_0498  IMG_0503  IMG_0505

Then tap your paint on.  Remember no back & forth.  Just light taps.  :)  Let it dry completely. Then carefully remove your vinyl.  You might need to use a sewing needle to remove any tiny pieces of vinyl that are left, AND there you go fun fAmiLy shirts.  Don’t you just LOVE when everyone is matchy matchy!??!! I do! :)




  1. Great idea! It's been way too long since we've had a family reunion!

  2. What a fabulous idea! And I really love how they turned out! Super cute!

  3. Hi - how did they hold up to washing afterward? Did you have to 'set' the design with an iron after it was dry or anything like that? Thanks!! So cute!


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