Ginger Snap Crafts: finale {voting starts today}

finale {voting starts today}

I made it the finales of One Month to Win It!!!!
Yes!  I’m very excited!  Wahoo!
(Thank YOU for all the support!)

TODAY voting begins for Round 4!


Round 4’s theme was Christmas! 
Yay for Christmas!

{picture source}

You know the drill I can’t tell you a hint, a clue….nothing! 
Just to go vote for your favorite! :)

I have had so much fun having you guess which one was mine!
So leave a comment here telling me which one you think it is,
& I’ll let you all know who got it right on Friday!


  1. I voted! I think I know which one is yours. :) We'll see if I am right!

  2. Just voted, Ginger! Congratulations on making it to the final 3!!! I hope I picked your project! I think I did...;)

  3. Just voted! I hope you win!

    Jessica @ Mom 4 Real

  4. Yours has to be the nativity blocks! I think...

  5. I am guessing yours is the Nativity Blocks. I hope so, because that's what I voted for :)

  6. I voted for the Block Nativity... Guessing that was yours??


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