Ginger Snap Crafts: help me! {styrofoam link party}

help me! {styrofoam link party}


I’ve got some super exciting

{& kind of scary in a good way!!!}news to tell ya!




Guess who is a contestant on Season 6

of One Month to Win It???  Me!


A little nerve wrecking & exciting all in one! :)  You can meet all of the contestants here.  It’s an amazing group of ladies {including one of my best blogging buddies, Jenni from Kissed by a Frog!}.  I am so excited to see what everyone comes up with each week.   It’s going to be fun!

Here’s how it works: Basically we are all competing during the month of November.  Each week has a theme {You can check out the themes here.}  Each week our projects will be voted on by YOU…so I’ll need YOU to vote!  There’s a catch though…I can’t tell you anything…not a clue, not a picture…nothing until after the voting is closed & the winners are announced!  We will also be judged by the judges, too!  {That’s the scary part! ;)}  So between the both of those a few of us will move on each week until there’s a winner!  Sounds fun, huh?? :)

OK…now here’s where I need your help {besides voting each week ;)}!!!  I pretty much have my projects nailed down for Week 1, 2 & 4, but I’m stumped on Week 3…Styrofoam Crafts!  The only thing I can remember making out of Styrofoam is a solar system back in elementary school which was a LONG time ago!  {I guess I’m out of the loop on the Styrofoam craft craze!  Whoops! ;)} And did you know Styrofoam was an actual brand!!??  You can check out their website {here}. {I had no idea!}


So I need YOUR help to get my crafty creative styrofoamy ideas flowing!  {Of course, one of the criteria for the judges is originality…so I’ll have to totally change it up! ;)}  I just need some ideas to get me started!  Please! :) So if YOU have any Styrofoam crafts that YOU have done in the past please link them up here!!!  ;) 

Thank you, thank you!!!


Season 6 starts November 1st!!!  I’ll keep you posted!!! :)



  1. How fun! You'll be great. I did So You Think You're Crafty and it was stressful at times but also super fun ... and I think it really pushed me to be creative and think outside the box. I hope you have a great time!

  2. I follow you so I know you'll come up with something fabulous. I don't have anything to link to but have a few thoughts in my head. Maybe not award-winning but maybe I/we can get you jump started??
    I'm crafting for Christmas shows so of course I've got trees on my mind. Consider odd things from your junk drawer, ie. screws, paperclips, single earring, keys.
    Styrofoam sock monkey? Votive candle holders: stucco/paint the styrofoam like candle canes or santa bellies (if you use the tempered votive glass, it won't be a fire hazzard)
    Good luck!

  3. Hey I've awarded with you with the Versatile Blogger award.. Come check it out here:

    Jenna from itsjustcalledspicy

  4. Thank you for your ideas & support!! I appreciate you guys! :)


  5. I don't have a link for you but, last year, I made Christmas trees using the round foam triangles... cut strips of paper 1.5 inches long, varying widths. Curl them around a pencil. Hot clue them from bottom to top and top with a sparkly button. :)

  6. Topiaries are great to make with foam balls - cover with decoupage, shabby fabric flowers, yarn/twine, etc. and join different sizes with branches or painted wooden dowels. Can't wait to see what you come up with!

  7. Thank you, thank you!!! You guys have helped out a bunch. I think I've got my project in mind! Unless I change my mind! I so appreciate your links & comments. :)


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