Ginger Snap Crafts: monday's mom {swimsuit re-do}

monday's mom {swimsuit re-do}

Summertime!  Wahoo!  Love it!
Only thing it is soooooooo hard to find a modest swimsuit,
& my daughter wanted a two piece swimsuit this year.

I hesitated because it seems like the two pieces
never stay down & you end up seeing too much skin! Ugh!

But then I saw this at Hobby Lobby!
It was on clearance, too! Wahoo!
It gave me an idea!

We bought this super cute 2 piece suit at Old Navy for $6.00.
Yes, it cost less than the velcro. ;)

I ironed on two spots in the front & two in the back.

Now we have a swimsuit both of us can agree on! :)

Having a hard time finding modest clothes, too?

Check out my new affiliate sponsor, Impel.
{You'll love what you see!}

Happy Monday, everyone!
Swim lessons start today for my kiddos! 
So, if you need me I'll be by the pool. ;)


  1. I just let my 12 year old (going into 7th grade) get a 2 piece suit for the first time. We found a very nice one at Justice (40% off). My younger girls will wear one pieces as well until they get older. I don't see why little girls must always have two piece suits on...just my two cents! Love the velcro idea!!

  2. I saw this swimming suit at old navy too for $6 and I wanted it so bad...the only problem was they only had the the wrong size. Such a creative idea to make it modest! I am posting my new swimming suit soon that I had to make an adjustment to, to make it modest. It is lots of fun and no one has the same suit as you!

  3. Good job!


  4. I'm glad I'm not the only Mommy who feels this way :) I personally feel all women of any age should be modest <3

  5. Great idea. She's cute, too.

    My meal-planning link is up. Would love for you to share any of your tips, gadgets, wows or recipes. It's open until 8/15.

  6. Very nice and beautiful:)I love it:)


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