Ginger Snap Crafts: this & that tuesday {last day of school gifts}

this & that tuesday {last day of school gifts}

My 10 year old daughter wanted some end of the year gifts to give to best friends at school.
{Today is the last day of school by the way! Summer is here!} :)

Thanks to whoopdwhoop we found the perfect thing for free! Wahoo!
{If you haven't joined whoopdwhoop yet you're missing out!}

For just two whoops {whoops are what you use to swap your creations}
 we received 4 cute tile pendants from Donna Bowes. 
{We just added some chains that we already had.}
Then Robyn Bobbin makes these super cute handmade cards for 1 whoop.
{I actually know Robyn.  We go way back to when we were both in college!}
Aren't they cute together? {Love it!}

{I think her friends are going to love them!}

You can join whoopdwhoop, too.



  1. L:ove whoopDwhoop...still trying to collect enough whoops to get something with!

  2. Ginger, thank you for the shout out!! Love the cards you put with them!

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