Ginger Snap Crafts: whoop it up wednesday: PolkaDot Whimsy

whoop it up wednesday: PolkaDot Whimsy

Remember this post
Remember you list your creations,
earn whoops, trade whoops & get stuff.
Well, I've been getting some
seriously nice stuff! :)
So, I wanted to spotlight some
of my very talented fellow whoopers!
I am in love with PolkaDot Whimsy's key fobs.
This is just what I've needed after years
of loosing my keys in the bottom of my diaper bag!
They are so cute
that I got two of them!
(I know I'm a fob hog!)
Which one do you like best?

The cute striped one or

the fun floral one?

Go check out PolkaDot Whimsy's facebook page, here.


  1. I like the foral one. Can you just buy one?

  2. Yes! I got that one for you! :) I'll give it to you when you come! Love you!!


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