Ginger Snap Crafts: Make Over Monday: Picture Frames

Make Over Monday: Picture Frames

OK..I think we've all done this
type of make over before-
the ole tired of these old picture frames,
so let's just paint them a different color. :)
Well, that's exactly what I did for this make over.
Super easy...the only hard part was taking a good picture!
I didn't realize how hard it was to get a picture
without reflecting something off the glass!


These frames have been in my living room
We're getting family pictures made in 2 weeks. (Yeah!)
So I wanted to make way for stretched canvas prints
(Hopefully we'll some good shots!  Crossing my fingers!)
& maybe a wall shelf or something.
So these had to go. :)


I painted the frames white.
Then I put a layer of mod podge on top.
(My paint wasn't sticking too well,
so I thought that might help out.)
So far, so good. :)

I hung these in my younger two sons' bedroom.
Underneath I hung a clip board
for all of their "masterpieces".  :)
(That was super easy too make, too!)

What is really special about these
frames is what's in them!
I framed two different scenes of a
little boy & his dog fishing, & both are painted
by my Grandpa & their Great Grandpa.
They have a vintage look & feel to it.
Love them! :)
(My mom gave them to me when I was at her house last.
As soon as I saw them I knew exactly where I wanted them to go.)

Love them!

(Wish my pictures had
turned out better though! gggrrr!)

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  1. I love the pictures and the clip board. What a great idea!

  2. Cute! Love the new prints and the art center too. Modge podge as a first layer is a GREAT idea, I would never have thought of it. Thanks for sharing!

  3. These photos look great and this clip board ideas are really great. Custom Framing Online from where you can get the idea of the picture frames.


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